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"The Sun Health Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) class is very beneficial. It reinforces many things you already have heard.  It introduces you to some new things too.  BUT, let's face it, we have spent a lifetime hearing of the things we should and could do.  The class is an important part of a lifelong reinforcement tool.  The DPP class is the very definition of education and facilitating long term retention and actions. That is the very definition of the pedagogue of education. The DPP program also forms bonds between remarkably different people who all have the same goal in mind: Reversing the diabetes spiral. You have to DO THE WORK YOURSELF, though.  It is up to you to find the program that works for you.  It is your Way of Eating (WOE) and only you can figure it out. This group is a support group as much as an educational group. I guess what I would say as a summary is:  Take the class seriously and do the work you need to do.  You can be successful!”

– Susan H., Sun Health Diabetes Prevention Program Participant

“I had never in my 70 years established eating discipline, I ate whatever wasn’t moving. When I was younger I was an athlete and I could eat like a horse, not gain weight and not have any problems. Enrolling in the Sun Health Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) was a personal choice for me. Though quite frankly, I was anti-support group coming into the program. I had always felt like it was more an individual thing rather than a group program. I felt I had to have the willpower…That was my naive opinion. Sun Health’s DPP group classes, encouraging environment and leadership by Sun Health’s DPP Lifestyle Coach quickly changed my attitude. I lost 20 pounds over 10 months and my A1C level dropped to 6.0 from 6.5, and my cholesterol also went down. My advice to others facing similar health challenges: Do you want to improve yourself? If you do, the DPP program is fantastic; and if it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

– Pat T., Sun Health Diabetes Prevention Program Participant

“After being diagnosed with pre-diabetes, I knew it was time to get serious about changing my diet and lifestyle. I had already been losing weight, but I had hit a spot where it was not going any further. My hemoglobin A1c level kept coming back high, so I knew I needed to do something. After hearing about the Sun Health Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) I knew I had found what I was looking for. The group support and the feeling that we are all in this together was helpful. Within our group we all share healthy recipes and ideas on how to overcome challenges. I lost 20 pounds and my A1c level was no longer in the prediabetes range. I have more energy, increased flexibility and sleep better. Because of the DPP program, I have hope that I will beat diabetes.”

– Mary N., Sun Health Diabetes Prevention Program Participant

“I have a family history of diabetes, which promoted me to sign up for the Sun Health Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). Learning how to keep a food diary was one of the most useful tools I that helped me make healthier food choices. For example, now instead of having a doughnut for a snack, I now will have cheese, an apple or some walnuts.”

– Marilyn M., Sun Health Diabetes Prevention Program Participant

“I got my A1C down to normal ranges and have been able to maintain my 15 pound weight loss. I really enjoyed the Sun Health Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) class and learned a lot of healthy lifestyle changes that I'm still practicing today. The DPP class really works if you follow it. I know it's hard for some people and some think they can do it themselves but I found the DPP class was a big help and especially if you take it seriously. Thanks again Sun Health for all you have done to make this program work for me and the other members of the DPP class. You ROCK!”

– Ardie V., Sun Health Diabetes Prevention Program Participant